Fixed Wireless Broadband and AM Radio

There is still interference from the NBN Fixed Wireless Broadband when we try to listen on 1044 AM from the Bridgetown transmitter. Changes to the Outdoor Unit and the Indoor Unit have made an improvement, but for most of the time the radio has too much static to be able to listen to it properly.

Here is an image of an item on page 11 of The Weekend Australian of November 14-15, 2015.


The latest is that NBN Co is suggesting an indoor and outdoor antenna set up to boost the AM Radio signal. Here’s hoping that something will restore the radio signal to what it was before and provide us with local news and emergency alerts from the station in Bunbury which is the home of ABC South West Regional Radio.

Other residents of our area will also be similarly affected because they are also in a fringe area for radio signals, but are in areas that do have storms and bushfires.

Here is a handy link to the reception status of many places in Western Australia. Very instructive. At the moment we are tuning into the powerful Wagin transmitter.  We get a very good signal from Wagin on 558. However, it is broadcast out of the Great Southern Region with the station at Albany.

I have checked with ABC South West and for Emergency Warning Broadcasts they will normally broadcast beyond the immediate South West, i.e., to adjoining regions such as the Great Southern. This is reassuring although by listening to Wagin we miss out on the local news and weather from the South West region.

We are still trying to achieve good reception of ABC Local Radio South West as we used to have before NBN Fixed Wireless Broadband.



Older AM radio on left, tradies radio on right.